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Freelancers, entrepreneurs, and sole traders

Do more than just bank. Access your account from multiple platforms, transfer, request for quick loans and more.

  • Wire transfers
  • Full data privacy compliance
  • 100% transparent
  • Commitment-free
  • Real-time spending overview
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Our Services

For more than seven decades, we have been providing superior financial services to small businesses, corporations, governments, institutions and individuals globally. We are present in the United Kingdom, the U.S.A. and France.

Online payments

Make online payments in any payment gateway using our bank. Shop seamlessly with your debit card.

Loan programms

We offer loans to investors and intending business men and women. Fast payments and transparent transactions.

Online Banking

We are more than just an online bank. We bank online! Trusted by many. Save money, transfer and lots more.

Flexible and Quick Business Loans For You

A competitive interest rate, favourable loan conditions and expert advice if you need it. Our loans give you peace of mind. All you need to do to apply for a loan is go online.

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Over the years offline and online we have a built a strong and reliable bond with our customers









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